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February 08, 2009


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Josh, I love the list. Every bait or company you mentioned with the exception of the tru-life are ones I am very excited about. Andrew posted an AMAZING shad bait he made that is just awesome and he said TW will have it soon. Glad to see the Tylure on there too. Great baits especially for the price. And your new bluegill is a work of art.

Rich Lindgren

I actually saw the Matt Hard Gill at my bass club meeting last night, very impressive looking. How do the fins hold up, they look thin?

I have only got a few fish on mine so far, so time will tell

Rich Lindgren

What are your thoughts on the 7" Tru-Life Blue Gill bait? I have two of them, love the action, even caught some bass on Feb 1 on them

I have not yet fished that bait. I would go onto Swimbait Nation and ask everyone on that forum.

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